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Reddan Brothers The Reddan Brothers are a hard hitting blues/rock trio with the miles to back it. The Reddan Brothers grew up backing legends of blues and rock such as Bill Perry, Popa Chubby and Jimmy Vivino. With their newly released CD “Skeleton Key Sessions” those road miles seem to be put to good use. The group has been seen on such high profile gigs as Levon Helm’s Midnight Ramble, Winchester Blues House Festival and the Blues on the Bridge Festival. The youthful energy of the band mixed with seasoned playing makes them a must see trio.

John Reddan – Guitars and Vocals

John ReddanBorn in the Rolling Hills of Warwick, New York, John Reddan was highly influenced by the blues and classic rock music throughout his upbringing as a child. John started playing the guitar at the age of nine, consistently trying to hone his skills. Over the years, he has had many great opportunities to work and play with some of the best musicians that music has to offer. His first guitar teacher early on was Guitarist, Jim Kunkel, one of music’s true hidden treasures. A transition later came after meeting Ronnie Earl after a show. Earl encouraged John to study with Chris Vitarello, one of blues finest guitar players. As a young blossoming musician, the records of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s influenced John, having heard just about every classic song there was growing up, including bands such as The Allman Brothers, B.B. King, and Jimi Hendrix. His parents would fill the house with this influential music regularly. John later studied music in high school. The school offered no guitar in band, so John took up playing drums and percussion. This was a skill at the time that he would underrate, finding out years later how much it would help his scene of time and rhythm. During this period, John would spend his summers studying guitar at the National Guitar Workshop in New Milford, Connecticut. When he finally reached college, John went on to study with Jazz pianist, Chris Parker. He thought he might be interested in moving to New Orleans, hoping to study music at The University of New Orleans. John took his first trek across America on a greyhound bus to possibly study with Jazz pianist, Ellis Marsalis. Marsalis is considered one of the premier pianists in modern jazz and a stellar music teacher. Upon coming back to New York he walked into a bar and met international blues musician, Bill Perry, who had passed by his way many times before. Perry encouraged John to come on stage and play. After playing together one time, Perry asked John if he would be interested in taking a trip to the Midwest and play rhythm guitar with the Bill Perry Band. After that first trip, Perry offered John the gig fulltime. Soon after John had become a mainstay having played with Perry for five years. They would travel as far as New Mexico to Poland, bringing Bill Perry’s high-energy psychedelic blues to the people. John has become a truly gifted talent playing guitar, mandolin, lap steel and singing. John also writes his own arrey of music. After Bill Perry’s passing in late 2007 John has been busy working on stretching his skills as a musician and person. John teamed up with his drummer brother Chris forming the Reddan Brothers Band in the winter of 2008.

Chris Reddan – Drums

Chris ReddanBorn October 29, 1985, and raised in Warwick, NY, Christopher Reddan was born into a family where music was always prevalent. Reddan’s earliest musical influences were listening to his dads’ records of Jimi Hendrix and Cream. He later started playing drums at the age of nine, and by the age of 10 he received his first drum set. Over the next few years, Reddan took many drum lessons and practiced up to eight hours a day. Childhood friend Chris Barretto introduced him to his father, legendary percussionist Ray Barretto at a young age. Reddan recalls going with Ray to attend a show with fellow congero Poncho Sanchez at the Blue Note NYC. “The fire and passion in those guys’ playing was so unbelievable I couldn’t even comprehend it…at that time I had no idea that league of playing was possible.” This time period also saw him attending Drummer’s Collective Drum School and The National Guitar Workshop Summer Program. Some of his teachers have included: Papa John Mole, Tom Venable, Frank Katz and Adam Nussbaum. Around the age of 13, Reddan started playing professional gigs with local musicians. His family enriched him by taking him to see live jazz and blues in the NYC area, including Popa Chubby, who would later open the door for Reddan’s musical career. By the age of 14, he was introduced to future friend and mentor, the late blues master, Bill Perry. When Chris was in high school, his main focus was performing a lot of gigs and juggling school. He met blues rocker, Popa Chubby, at a high school music program, and they became instant friends. In 2004, Chubby visited the Corner Stage Music Club to see Reddan play. Shortly after, Reddan started filling in for legendary studio drummer, Steve Holley, on Popa Chubby’s gigs. Before long, Reddan was performing full-time in the Popa Chubby band. Chris Reddan was touring the world by the age of 18. He toured all over Europe, The United States, Canada, and Africa with Popa Chubby for four years. Chubby taught him a great deal about music and the business aspect of music during this time. A highlight of Reddan’s career was getting to perform on a double bill with Popa Chubby and childhood hero, Johnny Winter. He also appeared on such prestigious festivals as: Nice Jazz Festival, The Bos Pop Festival, The San Sebastian Jazz Festival, The San Javier Jazz Festival, Blues on the Farm, Memphis in May, Santa Cruz Blues Festival and Ulmer Zelt Festival. On some of these festivals, he appeared alongside legends such as: The Allman Brothers, Sting, Gov’t Mule, Steve Vai, Blood Sweat and Tears, Simply Red, Ten Years After, and many, many others. Chris also appeared on major television, radio shows, and in magazine articles at this time. During the summer of July 2007, Reddan received news on the road that his longtime friend and mentor, Bill Perry had passed away on July 17. He was extremely devastated, along with his older brother John Reddan who played rhythm guitar in the Bill Perry band for six years. Chris Reddan has toured, recorded and/or gigged with- Popa Chubby, Bill Perry, Lance Lopez, Jimmy Vivino, Little Sammy Davis, Michael Hill’s Blues Mob, Rhett Tyler, Billy Hector, Galea, Slam Allen, Arthur Neilson, Big Ed Sullivan and Nicholas D’Amato.

Chuck Torres – Bass

Monroe resident Chuck Torres walks the bass line as the latest addition to The Reddan Brother’s power- trio. You’ll find him stage left, fingers fluent in pungent manifestations of rock and roll as he romances his treasured bass guitar. Chuck is no stranger to the local music scene – the fireball bassist with an ear for true musicianship ‘jumped right in’ on a diverse set of musical projects including shows with an the all-original ‘Howsten’, party band ‘Good N Loaded’, DMB tribute ‘Busted Stuff’ and local favorite ‘The Brian Tice Band’. Indie recording artist Daniel Zdraykoski featured Chuck on his album and guitar savage Chris Mahoney brought him in on an epic video shoot for his latest video “Madness”. His finger-walking dazzles in frantic succession of seasoned riffs. If you ask him, “Why the bass?” he’ll tell you the love affair was slow-growing, but when you catch him in action you’ll realize it was destiny calling his name. Chuck’s name caught the attention of John and Chris as well. It was a single audition and a resounding kinship that assured the melding in this union.
Chuck’s musical ability speaks loudly of versatility in addition to talent. His introduction to the art form began with a keyboard at just 3 years old – experimentation over the octaves left a lasting impression. Fascination with the guitar in his early teens sparked the rocker in him and laid the groundwork for the derivation to bass guitar. His musical theory matured with him over the variety of challenging gigs that accompanied him into his twenties. When he wasn’t practicing or learning new songs he was recording. Integrating each musical component himself, the songs which reflect an eclectic preference with regard to style seem personal and private to him – although incredibly well composed. His hidden talent is triumphantly stored on gigs in his IPOD. The colorful self-recorded tracks convey a hopefulness that accentuates those discovery sessions of childhood.
With crowds ranging from an intimate handful to a thousand people, his delivery is consistent and widely inspired by a sub-text we’ll never get to read. His face flashes moments of sheer bliss and enjoyment as he moves purposefully like a puppet on a velvet string. He nods and smiles, acknowledging a moment shared between brothers as the three of them – Chuck, John and Chris – lace the stage with intrinsic progressions. Each of them well invested in the echo of collective consciousness that emerges in the soulful climax of each hand-picked song.
Chuck continues to evolve his style as he calls on his unique blend of influence and experience to ease his transition into the multifaceted undertaking of each performance. The gleam of stage lights flirting with the ‘Lake Placid Blue’ sheen of his bass, Chuck delivers veraciously – adding a colorful hue to the intangible improvisation that is The Reddan Brothers.

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